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March 24, 2016 You add it to your morning cup of coffee or tea. You bake it into pastries, cakes, and cookies. You even sprinkle it all over your breakfast cereal or your oatmeal for added “flavor.”   But that’s not all. It’s also hidden in some beloved “treats” that people consume on a daily basis, such as sodas, fruit […]

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You Want to Remove Toxins from Your Body, Speed Up Your Metabolism And Lose Weight? Try This Simple and Powerful Recipe and See Amazing Results in 72 Hours!

Posted By Admin On Wednesday, January 20, 2016 12:08 PM. Under Alternative Medicine, Healthy, Healthy Food Guide Fat and carb rich diet foods are an inevitable part during the holidays. But we are left with tons of toxins in the body as soon as the holidays are over. The toxins affect not just our look, bur our health as well When […]

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This Common Spice Destroys Cancer Cells, Stops Heart Attacks and Rebuilds the Gut

  What if there was a common household spice that could rebuild the gut wall to improve digestion, destroy cancer cells, stop a heart attack in its tracks and was useful for weight loss? I’m assuming you’d want to know more about it, right? The hot fruit of the cayenne plant (“capsicum annuum”) has been used as a superb culinary […]

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All police recruits to need a degree in future

Changes to police recruitment across England and Wales are aimed at “modernising” forces and attracting “really good” candidates. 10:22, UK,Thursday 15 December 2016 Image Caption:Officers will have three ways to gain the qualification they need All new police officers in England and Wales will need a degree in future, the College of Policing has said. They will be able to […]

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Ancient Lost City Discovered Underground

EDITOR’S BLOG THE CITY’S ACROPOLIS IS BARELY VISIBLE DURING A CLOUDY DAY ON THE THESSALIAN PLAINS. SIA/EFAK/YPPOA By Ben Taub 13/12/2016, 17:47 Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a lost city atop a hill on the great Thessalian plains of Greece, some 300 kilometers (190 miles) north of Athens. Dating back to around 2,500 years ago, the settlement is largely buried […]

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7 signs of a liver problem

Much like everything one might encounter in this world, the body on the whole, or more specifically, the parts of its sum, are not created equally. When a liver is working well, it cleans the blood, helps digest food and fights infection, it has the power to regenerate when it has been damaged, replacing old tissue with new cells. Everyone from […]

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Do You Know What Can Happen if You Drink Coconut Water for 14 Days?

Coconut oil is already well known for its amazing nutritional and beauty-enhancing properties. The saturated fats found in coconut oil can be excellent for the body. Just like coconut oil, coconut water contains some pretty incredible health benefits of its own. What Drinking Coconut Water Does for the Body Coconut water is a great natural electrolyte, and it contains high […]

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Close Look at a Crack on Larsen C

acquired November 10, 2016download large image (2 MB, JPEG, 2712×1904) acquired November 10, 2016download large image (4 MB, JPEG, 5184×3456) In late August 2016, sunlight returned to the Antarctic Peninsula and unveiled a rift across the Larsen C Ice Shelf that had grown longer and deeper over the austral winter. Satellites spotted it in natural-color imagery. By November, the arrival […]

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Warning: This Blood Pressure Medication Can Send You To The Hospital!

This article is shared with permission from Medical Daily. About one in three Americans have high blood pressure, and a new study suggests that those on medications to treat this disorder may be at increased risk for depression and a number of other mental health problems. Although the exact reason for these results is not clear, the findings could suggest new ways […]

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Goofy Uncle Uses Hilarious Voices To Tell Bedtime Story, Adorable Baby Can’t Stop Cracking Up.

Liz Oct 8, 2016 The man in the video below is quite possibly the best, most-animated reader ever. He also may be the world’s best uncle. We’ll also nominate Margot the baby, for world’s best laugh. In the video, the man reads aloud ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ a children’s book written by Bill Martin, Jr. and […]

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