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F1 to F12: here’s how the function keys on your keyboard can save you tons of time

We have all seen function keys before. They are those keys marked F1 to F12 on our computer keyboards. Most of us rarely use these keys when at the computer, but knowing how to use them can be really helpful. Function keys can save you a lot of time if you know how to use them properly. Take a look […]

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It’s official: the polar vortex is back with a vengeance

Brace yourself, North America. FIONA MACDONALD 15 DEC 2016 Stay warm, guys: newly released NASA images show the brutal polar vortex that’s descended upon North America this week, and is predicted to bring record low temperatures to the US and Canada. The data was captured by the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument on board NASA’s Aqua satellite, and it shows […]

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Here’s how to watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary for free online(VIDEO)

Leonardo DiCaprio has taken time out from his usual movie-making duties to front a powerful film about climate change called Before The Flood. So important is the movie’s message, that distributor National Geographic has made it freely available for anyone to stream on YouTube – you can watch the full film below. We were skeptical at first, but it’s well worth […]

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~Italy Earthquake: St Francis Cathedral Destroyed in Earthquake~(VIDEO)

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Washington Prepares For EMP While Internet Under Attack Since Transfer to the UN

Remember how we pondered whether the internet would be shut off (or highly censored) upon being transferred to the UN on October 1st?  Just a few weeks later, large swathes of the internet went down. Coincidence or trial run? We’ll get into that below. Beforehand, however, there have been a number of new “Executive Orders” straight from the e-pen of […]

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Samsung perd 6,2 milliards de dollars avec Galaxy Note 7

Une visiteuse en train de photographier un nouveau modèle de smartphone Samsung, au stand d’exposition Samsung à Barcelone, le 21 février 2016. (Photo Archives Xinhua) Samsung Electronics a estimé les pertes liées à l’interruption des smartphones Galaxy Note 7 à 7.000 milliards de wons (6,2 milliards de dollars) en coûts directs et futurs. Samsung a déclaré vendredi dans un communiqué […]

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Before Setting Foot On An Airplane Ever Again, Learn These 13 Horrifying Secrets

Flying can be a huge hassle. From getting there two hours early to make sure you get through security, to the delays, layovers, cancellations, last-minute gate changes, and scary turbulence, taking a plane can leave you wondering why you didn’t just make it a road trip. A lot of us may resort to taking a sleeping aid, prescribed by a […]

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Days of heavy rains damage schools, churches, hospitals in Maniema province, eastern DRC

DRC flooding leaves 1,500 homeless Days of heavy rains damage schools, churches, hospitals in Maniema province, eastern DRC World Bulletin / News Desk Two days of torrential rains left over 1,500 people homeless and damaged hospitals, schools and churches in eastern DRC, local officials told Anadolu Agency on Friday. Kasongo territory in Maniema province was hit by floods after days […]

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The Day I Served Detention for My Daughter

Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty ImagesA mother serves detention for daughter. (Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on It has been reprinted here with permission. The Walt DisneyCo. is the parent company of both ABC News and Babble.) Walking into the office of my daughter’s elementary school recently, I found myself crossing paths with her principal. With a quick nod of his […]

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Five deadliest natural disasters of the last 20 years

A report released by the UN show earthquakes and the tsunamis they trigger were the biggest killers over the past two decades. Photo by: AP The study determined that 90 percent of the 1.35 million people who had died in disasters between 1996 and 2015 lived in low- or middle-income countries. 22 hours ago. Updated 7 hours ago. It’s all […]

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