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A 256 Year Old Man Said Something Before His Death. It Was Shocking


This is about a man that lived amazingly long. Li Ching Yuen was 256 and his story is totally real!

New York Times stated in an article in 1930 about this amazing story. A Chengdu University professor, said he found out the evidence of the Chinese government (1827) and its congratulations to li Cheng for the 150th birthday. More documents testify that even they congratulated again for the 200th birthday in 1877! Then in 1928, the New York Times wrote an article for this man and about all the people that knew him and were old now with their own families.

A 256 Year Old Man Said Something Before His Death. It Was Shocking

When Li Ching was 10 he wanted to learn about herbs and plants and he even walked on mountain paths to gather them. They were useful for him to learn about longer life. He was on a herb diet for 40 years and it included: goji berry, lingzhi, ginseng, he shoo wu, rice wine and gotu kola.

When he reached 71, in 1749 went to the Chinese army and taught them martial fighting and arts. He was caring and wanted to help everyone. He was married over 23 times and had more than 200 kids.

Ever since he was ten, he visited Shansi, Kansu, Annam, Tibet, Siam, Manchuria to get more herbs. After a century he sold these herbs and much more. He sold: ginseng, he shoo wu, lingzhi, goji and gotu kola. Also he mixed in Chinese herbs too and followed this diet with rice wine.


One of his students said he even met a 500 year old man that preached about his diet and the Qigong workout for longer life.

On the deathbed, Li said he did everything he could for this world. Are these words maybe really magical and powerful and the secret for longer life? People in the West thought that aging is bad and with meds or devices you can slow it down and should.


Li advised being calm and relaxed and breathe well. Of course, the diet is crucial too.


In the West people expect to live 70-85 and for them to reach 100 is a miracle. They don’t believe to hear about someone living after 200!we need to remember that many people don’t have a 9 to 5 lifestyle and money stresses, pollution or lack of activity.

These people avoid always sugars, flours and sprayed foods. They avoid modern foods. Also GMO is blocked there. There is no dessert, fatty meat, or antibiotics, alcohol and cigarettes.

They practice good breathing and meditate a lot. This makes them mentally healthy and also healthy due to nature spending time, good sleep and sun exposure.

In our lifestyles, we go on holidays and beaches and get sun and nature only when we appoint it. But these people enjoy this every day; mountains, lakes, nature for mental health and physical too.

Many still think that meds are great for keeping the health, but is all about no stress and healthy life.

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