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Do you have gray hair? Here is how you will get your natural hair color back!


Scientists from Bradford University claim that hydrogen – peroxide is guilty if you have gray hair!

Our body creates hydrogen-peroxide in small doses during metabolic processes. That process is fast in young people’s organism and can decompose this substance, while in older people the process is more difficult and slowed down. In these cases, hydrogen attacks the tyrosine kinase enzyme, which creates the melanin in the body. Scientists believe that they will manage to create a cure which will control the level of the hydrogen, so its decomposition would go on in old age without obstacles. Scientists from Manchester University succeed in creating a laboratory molecule K (D)PT. This molecule is responsible for the natural hair color. This artificially created molecule succeeded in partially recovering the hair color; 6 gray haired women aged 46-65 participated in this experiment and their melanin increased. The results from this experiment are considered to be a great success, because the hopes of the people, whose hair grayed quickly, for example, from some disease of stress, increases.

gray hair

There are natural methods that can stop the gray hair or even recover the natural hair color. It must be stated that the meal plan has an important role in this. Here are some efficient solutions for the recovery of the natural hair color:

1. If you like natural hair color, consume 300-400 micrograms of folic acid every day. It contains para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), it stimulates melanin, stops the gray hair and even re-pigments the already gray hair.

2. Minerals as copper, calcium and zinc can delay the appearance of gray hair. These minerals control the biotin. Spirulina and chlorella algae are the best sources of these minerals.

3. You can make a strong extract of 500 ml water and 100g sage. This extract should be applied on your head, but it’s only a temporary method.

4. Clean your scalp with a mixture of salt and lemon juice. This mixture should help you get rid of the dandruff. The dandruff speeds the graying process, according to some studies.

5. Make a mixture of equal amount of chamomile and then add some hot water to get a polish. Add a spoon of wine vinegar and mix again. With the cooled mixture massage your head. Wash your head after 20 minutes.

6. Mix coconut oil with curry and heat it. With this mixture massage the root of your hair.

7. In a cup of black tea add a spoon of salt, and then put it on your head. Wash the hair after 30 minutes. You’ll notice that your gray hair will soon darken!


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