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Press These Two Points And Back Pain Will Disappear Instantly – Here’s How (Photo)


Millions of people are suffering from unbearable back pain and have no idea how to get rid of it. Conventional medicine can help, but has no permanent solution for joint or back pain. However, traditional Chinese medicine can treat these problems easily with the help of acupuncture or acupressure.

Acupuncture acts on the energy meridians in the body which affect how organs function. When the energy flow through a certain channel is impaired, numerous diseases and conditions occur. This can be relieved by pressing certain points on the body which will restore the energy flow and help you overcome the problems.

Joint and back pain can be treated with either acupressure or acupuncture. Acupressure doesn’t rely on needles and doesn’t require special training like acupuncture to be performed. The technique can be done by anyone, and works by pressing certain points on the joints, legs and hips that will alleviate pain. These 3 points are the ones which need stimulating in order to alleviate joint and back pain.

Stimulating the first point called GB29 will relieve hip and joint pain in general. This point is located at the junction of the pelvis and femur.

The second point is known as GB30 and lies a bit below and behind the buttocks. Stimulating this point will reduce the pain in your joints, hips, lower back and shoulders.

The last point is known as B54 and is located behind the knee. Stimulating the B54 point will relax your muscles and soothe the pain in your hips or lower back.

Regular use of acupressure on these points will help you eliminate joint and back pain for good.

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