Sports — October 29, 2016 at 11:39 am

Peter Crouch Takes The Piss Out Of Cristiano Ronaldo With Outstanding Tweet



Jack Kenmare in FOOTBALL

When it comes to Twitter shenanigans, Peter Crouch is up there with one of the very best and his recent post about Cristiano Ronaldo has gone down well with the general public because, well, it’s absolutely outstanding.

I’m sure Crouchy wouldn’t mind me saying that he isn’t exactly in peak physical condition, so when he aimed a troll at Cristiano Ronaldo about ‘that’ modeling picture, it was always going to be a belter.

So to give ‘that’ modeling picture some context, Ronaldo uploaded a picture of himself topless on Twitter. It caused a stir online so Peter Crouch, along with Bayern Munich’s Twitter page, joined in on the stir.

Here’s the picture of Cristiano:a5





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